Working towards the end of year Show

Its been busy.Curating shows and making art – the last 5 weeks have been hectic.Its good to have these shows though.They allow you to see the work as it is meant to be seen – which is difficult normally as everything tends to be in a kind of disorder rather than in white cube perfection.

The white cubes have been good to get my  work where it can be seen.I have worked at getting my work so it has some sort of consistency to it and hopefully I have been successful.

I have thought a lot about the freedom in Richard Tuttle’s work – and about the lack of restraint in the work of Christopher Wool.Trying to keep the joy of just being creative/experimental  in the language of the art.Too much representation can make art seem dead – like a reproduction of something or like a photograph – lacking any aura as Walter Benjamin would say.The mistakes made are perhaps part of the art, so maybe it is fine to leave them on show -to show the life  in the art  – to let the work breathe in a way.

I wanted my work in this show to feel as if it could breathe.Using basic materials I try to keep the work simple – like a sketch. Working towards a  provisional appearance is in a way like working in reverse.The desired result is not highly detailed or polished –  it is like the outline of an idea .

A photo whilst setting up the show – the week before – arranging the work and trying to get things to look right.


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