The End of Year Show

The show is almost over now – few more hours to go and the course will be finished and the show ready to dismantle.

The work looks good in the freshly painted space – and there is a good range of art – installation, painting, photography and film.The general response we have had has been really positive reflecting well on the individual work and the show as a whole.


Assembling the show.

When we were assembling the show this studio was not really looking at its best.It seemed tunnel like  with too many paintings lined up along the walls.

It was only once the map mural was completed that it started to have some sort of balance to it.

These two images face each other on opposite walls and the fact they are so different in form helps create a balance and a dialogue between them.They both concern place which in some way helps  bring  them together in this space.

The glow of the copper coil in the centre of the room adds a warmth to the atmosphere of the space.

The  work downstairs is displayed sparingly – the central floor space being left empty.

The paintings have enough space around them to be viewed from a distance and close up.

Small cubicles off the side of the studio were used to create small installations.Here are images of some of them.The building lends itself to these small environments which work really well in this layout.




All in all , I think the show has gone well.It will be sad to take it down as it is our last part of the course – the end of something important to everyone on the course.

I think as a group of artists we learnt to work alongside each other well.We understand how we each work and have watched as we have all tried to find a visual language .Its been a difficult journey over these past two years but fortunately , as the show demonstrates – with a good outcome.

We will each go on to do different things.Some will study further, others, like me will find a studio to work from.Hopefully we will work together again – doing what we do best – which now is Art.


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