I’m Back

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything.Partly to do with the sheer quantity of stuff  to attend to since finishing college and partly to do with having the  freedom not to write my blog – which of course is a demon of  my own making.

So what’s new?Latest  is I have found a  studio space.It’s in Portslade – near Brighton (UK)- and I have been there now for a couple of months.Most days I go there for a few hours and so far I have been thoroughly enjoying it.Here are some photos.


I have also been busy creating work – some of which was exhibited this last week in the art show #OffBeige – as seen below.

This piece is called Caffe Latte.

This work takes an ironic look at today’s revolution in technology and inquires whether despite having ever growing means of communication – we are somehow  becoming more islolated?

‘Caffe Latte’- a shade off beige – asks whether the price of new innovation and technology could be higher than we realise – or could it be that the slow erasure of traditional rituals is inevitable in this exciting world of ever changing invention.

The show was organised by two brilliant women whose company is called ‘Collate Presents’.It was an international affair – which fortunately for me was in my home town of Brighton.

Find out more – http://www.collatepresents.com