Its been a while……

June 16th 2013 – that’s almost half the year gone…..well its been an unusual year so far……. My news ? Well …there is the ‘Depositary Art Show’ to speak of – part of the Brighton Fringe Festival – I was invited to exhibit alongside artist Elaine Bewley and to produce work on the theme ‘Depositary’ . It was a great experience and the past 5 months has been devoted to creating the artwork. In short , working on this project took me to the far reaches of the desert – to a place both real and imagined , stirring up memories of journeys passed .Through such a cold cold winter in a totally freezing studio , I worked on the idea of intense sunlight and desert dust. Transporting my mind to memories of the heat – intense and comforting and remembering the light of arid, empty surrounds , I became my younger self …when my life was spent in the sunlit terrain of both sides of the Mediterranean. It was an easier , more inviting existence involving hours spent outdoors breathing the warm air and enjoying the freedom of sunshine . When I lived abroad I was always the travelling artist. I filled sketch books with drawings of the places and people I found myself surrounded by . With an old Rollei camera  a Hollywood friend lent to me , I took photos of the tiny islands I managed to reach after days of waiting around on small island jetties for the small boats to take us further. Depositary made me see how anything can trigger memory – how there really is no accurate way or satisfactory way of recording what a place and time meant to anyone really. Capturing memory is perhaps totally impossible but these works are my artist’s attempt. To see the work go to and select ‘Depositary Art Works’.

Oil on wood in window frame

Desert Dakota  Oil on wood in window frame

Copyright Susan Keshet


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