The End of Year Show

The show is almost over now – few more hours to go and the course will be finished and the show ready to dismantle.

The work looks good in the freshly painted space – and there is a good range of art – installation, painting, photography and film.The general response we have had has been really positive reflecting well on the individual work and the show as a whole.


Assembling the show.

When we were assembling the show this studio was not really looking at its best.It seemed tunnel like  with too many paintings lined up along the walls.

It was only once the map mural was completed that it started to have some sort of balance to it.

These two images face each other on opposite walls and the fact they are so different in form helps create a balance and a dialogue between them.They both concern place which in some way helps  bring  them together in this space.

The glow of the copper coil in the centre of the room adds a warmth to the atmosphere of the space.

The  work downstairs is displayed sparingly – the central floor space being left empty.

The paintings have enough space around them to be viewed from a distance and close up.

Small cubicles off the side of the studio were used to create small installations.Here are images of some of them.The building lends itself to these small environments which work really well in this layout.




All in all , I think the show has gone well.It will be sad to take it down as it is our last part of the course – the end of something important to everyone on the course.

I think as a group of artists we learnt to work alongside each other well.We understand how we each work and have watched as we have all tried to find a visual language .Its been a difficult journey over these past two years but fortunately , as the show demonstrates – with a good outcome.

We will each go on to do different things.Some will study further, others, like me will find a studio to work from.Hopefully we will work together again – doing what we do best – which now is Art.


Working towards the end of year Show

Its been busy.Curating shows and making art – the last 5 weeks have been hectic.Its good to have these shows though.They allow you to see the work as it is meant to be seen – which is difficult normally as everything tends to be in a kind of disorder rather than in white cube perfection.

The white cubes have been good to get my  work where it can be seen.I have worked at getting my work so it has some sort of consistency to it and hopefully I have been successful.

I have thought a lot about the freedom in Richard Tuttle’s work – and about the lack of restraint in the work of Christopher Wool.Trying to keep the joy of just being creative/experimental  in the language of the art.Too much representation can make art seem dead – like a reproduction of something or like a photograph – lacking any aura as Walter Benjamin would say.The mistakes made are perhaps part of the art, so maybe it is fine to leave them on show -to show the life  in the art  – to let the work breathe in a way.

I wanted my work in this show to feel as if it could breathe.Using basic materials I try to keep the work simple – like a sketch. Working towards a  provisional appearance is in a way like working in reverse.The desired result is not highly detailed or polished –  it is like the outline of an idea .

A photo whilst setting up the show – the week before – arranging the work and trying to get things to look right.

Light Thickens Group Show

Vyner Street Gallery,London 2-8th May 2011 

The show ‘Light Thickens’ was a group show consisting of art work by ten art students -including myself.It was held from the 2-8th May at the Vyner Street Gallery in the East End of London.

I chose to organise this show in order to get some experience in curating which would also function as part of my Degree course which includes gaining professional experience.

In the weeks before the show the group were preparing art work for the final term of their degree course and I did not want to interfere with their direction in any way.I chose to approach things democratically – for decisions to be made as a  group – I would simply organise and direct things based on decisions made together.

As a first time curator of a London show I think overall things went preety well.In retrospect the biggest thing I learned was that the final decisions concerning what is to be exhibited should be made in good time prior to the show – at least a month in advance.Details such as artist’s statements, fees for participating, dimensions of art works and requirementsfor display should all finalised at least a month before the opening.This would then allow time for the design and publication of items such as  invitations.The printing of artists statements and any texts required to accompany the work could then be arranged allowing time to benefit fromcompetitive printing costs and dealing with any alterations, errors etc.

Having waited until the last moment to see what was actually going into the show I feel that next time I will do things differently.It is probably better to select art work which either fits into a particular subject, theme or specific site and then try to exhibit it in a way which creates some sort of dialogue between the art works.

The Vyner Street show was a good experience though.We were open for the First Thursdays event which involves about 50 galleries in London which stay open until 9pm on the first Thursday of every month.We were able to get feedback from hundreds of viewers from all over the world.Everyone’s work received a good response .I think it was a good way to get both feedback and exposure as an artist.

I have learned from this experience that for a show to run smoothly – the curator needs to be confident about the work being shown and also be able to rely on others invigilating/opening up etc. As curator of a short exhibition you are there to curate and as such probably need to be there throughout the duration.Unless there are people who are totally reliable it is probably best to employ staff to invigilate when you cannot be there.

On reflection, I enjoyed the show and would  consider exhibiting at the First Thursdays event again.It gave me the confidence to go further with curating and I will definately consider putting on more shows with this group of artists again.

Feedback about my crit

My Crit


Image 1 Image 2


This piece of installation art comprised:

A model house with a leash attached , situated on a small chest of drawers

A bed made of pallets , a mattress, blanket and pillow

A curtain hanging from a piece of horizontal rope

A modern projector on a plinth

An armchair

Two small boxes filled with smaller boxes positioned on the wall at ceiling height

A stencilled painting of a train.

A film projected onto the model house.


The installation was created with the idea the viewers would stand in a place , much like the photographer in image 2 , and look into the space as a whole.


Early crit 9.30 am – good turnout – about 13 people.


As there was not enough space to view and discuss comfortably – I allowed the crit to take place with everyone seated inside the space.

As the film played people spoke about the installation.

The film is set in Paris and on the snowy journey back to London on the Eurostar.



1. The work comprises a timelessness as there are no real references to the present time.

2. The modern projector sets the time as

it brings the viewer back to the here and now .

3. There is an elegance to the piece as a whole.

4. The minimal choice of items all speak the same language, The resulting work doesn’t look like it is

trying to imitate or replicate something else.

5. The projection could be played from within the house.

6. All the items in the piece are of the same language – there is a roughness to them – like the first stage of a painting process- before the details are applied.

7. The film is mesmerising – like a fire. The film is positioned at normal height of a hearth.

8. Dreamlike.

9. The pallets and bed were seen to imply transit/movement.

10. House on a leash – implies movement/not static.

11. The leash attached to the house is seen to be an incidental detail- these are considered to be important to my practice.

12. The room is seen as something resembling a hospital/therapy room.

13. Reminds of dying grandmother – the waiting and the conversation before the end.


This piece is about place as an imaginary construct. As one perceives place – memory and imagination intervene and create a transmutation of experience resulting in something personalised and unique. No two people experience anything in exactly the same way – raising questions concerning the idea of reality. Trying to record reality is difficult as it is ephemeral and cannot be captured exactly as it occurred .As everyone experiences everything in a way which is individual to them – then any representation of the past ,present or future in art is personalised and represents only in terms of the artists take on things.